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Much of the history of Clea of Earth-9997 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart, however there are some additional facts pertaining to Clea's past that differ from her 616 counterpart:

Firstly it has been revealed by Kyle Richmond that the Dark Dimension is really an alternate reality version of Earth, thus explaining why that dimension has humanoids that look exactly like humans. Another distinction between Clea-616 and Clea-9997, is their relationship with Stephen Strange. It would appear on Earth-9997 that Strange's relationship with Clea never reached the same level of seriousness that their 616 counterparts had.

In recent times, Clea attained a level of magical expertise of which that she was next in line to become Sorcerer Supreme after Dr. Strange. Mephisto, hoping to seek his own ends wished to avoid interference from Dr. Strange, and so manipulated Wong (who had mutated due to exposure to the Terrigen Mist) into becoming his follower. Wong used a charm spell on Clea to make her and Loki fall in love, and caused her to strike out at Strange.

While Strange was searching for a mystical cure for the mutations caused to all of humanity, Clea would slay Strange's astral form, trapping it in the Realm of the Dead and leaving Wong to keep Strange's mortal body alive. Clea usurped the role of Sorcerer Supreme, Strange's allies in the land of the living unaware of her betrayal to Stephen.

When Bruce Banner was plagued with dreams of a reborn Captain Mar-Vell dying and an Earth encased in metal, he and Thor traveled to Dr. Strange's Sanctum to seek the aid of Clea. Clea allowed them to send the Hulk to the Realm of the Dead (since the Hulk's soul was in the body of young Banner) where it met Dr. Strange who told it of Clea's deception. When Thor went after the Hulk, Clea realized that Banner knew the truth and sealed off the portal to the Realm of the Dead. Before she and Loki could kill Banner however, Thor and the Hulk arrived. When Loki fled, Thor took Clea to Asgard to be punished by Odin. Clea then spent the next three years in the Asgardian realm of Hel.[citation needed]

When Stephen Strange was restored to life by Mar-Vell, he sought the aid of Thor, the reformed Loki and Japan's super-team known as Xen to help him free Clea. Thor and Loki, conspiring to take down Asgard after realizing that it was a fabrication created by Odin (who was just a human who had manipulated their alien race into becoming the Asgardians) agreed to help as their travels to Asgard would play into their plans. Battling every form of opposition thrown at them from Frost Giants to the Warriors Three, the invaders caused such a nuisance and a disruption that he agreed to free Clea under one condition, that Thor take her place in the realm of the dead. Agreeing to the exchange (because it played into Loki and Thor's plan) Clea was freed. However, even though she was freed, the angry Clea was no longer romantically interested in Strange after years of neglect to her needs and his constant reference to her being his disciple.

After returning to Earth, all parties appeared in Japan to see the Red Ronin robots fighting the resurrected Fin Fang Foom. The group then all worked together to destroy the creature. With it defeated, Clea payed leave to the heroes, her current whereabouts are unknown.[citation needed]



Clea of Earth-9997 has the same mystical powers as her Earth-616 counterpart. However if her magical adept hood and if she attained a level of skill to literally be a Sorcerer Supreme (as opposed to in title only by default of usurping Strange's role) remains unknown.



Prior to her imprisonment in Asgard, Clea had access to the various mystical artifacts and spell books contained in Dr. Strange's Sanctum. She mostly utilized Strange's cloak of levitation, Eye of Agamotto, Orb of Agamotto, and candles that recreated the visions of peoples dreams, and candles that opened doorways into the Realm of the Dead.

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