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When Galactus was exiled to the mystic dimensions by the alien sorcerer Zoloz, Doctor Strange tried to avoid that the Devourer ate a magic planet blocked him, but Strange wasn't able to teleport him away, until someone helped him with the spell. She who helped Strange was Clea who had found a magic weapon left by Strange during his battle and she followed him, who fainted because he was exhausted. When Strange woke up, Clea said to him she allied with Umar to stop Galactus, so while Clea and Strange met the Devourer, Umar tried to ally with other magic beings[1]. Doctor Strange apparently found a magic planet non-dangerous for Galactus and led him to that with Clea, fighting many magic races who tried to stop the Devourer, but when the giant ate the planet he become a magic being. Strange sent Clea to Umar, while he tried to fought Galactus, but he discovered the transformation was part of Dormammu and Mephisto's plan; Dormammu captured Strange, while Mephisto imprisoned Clea and Umar.[2]

Ultimate Alliance

Galactus refused to became Dormammu's herald, so he ate the Faltine, freeing Doctor Strange who went to Mephisto and made a pact with him in exchange for Clea and Umar[3]. The two women attacked Galactus with an alliance of magic beings, the battle seemed lost, but Doctor Strange arrived alongside of many superheroes, who were all killed by the giant; at that point Strange revealed to Clea his plan: allowing Galactus to eat all the heroes to make him reach the critical mass and freed all of what Galactus ate with a magic weapon. Strange used his weapon on Galactus, but he accidentally destroyied the universe, including Clea, who has said to Strange she loved him a moment before he used his weapon [4]



Seemingly those of Clea of Earth-616.

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