Klea,[1] who also went by the name of Cleanex (specifically the lovely Cleanex),[2] was a native of the Not-too-bright dimension[1] who became the apprentice[2] and lover[1] of Doctor Deranged, Sorceror Supremo.[2]

At one point, Klea went on vacation to the beaches of Raggadorr and took slides of herself and the (really) Mindless Ones. She returned from her holidays to the sanctum, and she tried to show the slides to Deranged and the other people he was meeting with at the time. But Deranged grew sick of solving other people's problems and tried to escape by going to a different reality beyond the borders of the Marvel Universe.[3] Deranged eventually went back, continued the training of Klea and graduated her. Klea returned to the Not-too-bright dimension and Deranged took a new apprentice, the Earthling comic Benny Barumpbump.[1]

While in the Not-too-bright dimension, Klea heard rumors that the native villain Doormammoomoo was obssessed with TV's comedies from Earth and that he was going to visit there. Klea followed him to Earth and recruited the help of TV host Barumpbump, who would interview Doormammoomoo, in a scheme to stop the villain: Barumpbump would distract Doormammoomoo and Klea would knock Doormammoomoo down from behind using a mace. Indeed they did, just after Doormammoomoo had incapacitated Deranged: Barumpbump distracted the villain by performing a Mel Blanc gag in which he, dressed as a Mexican, answered "si" to any of the questions from his interloper; thus, Klea defeated him. When Deranged woke up, Klea explained what had happened and the Sorceror Supremo was happy with both his apprentices. He even made a joke himself: "On a Klea day, you can "si" forever."[1]

After a while, Klea's relationship with Deranged strained and she herself became sick with Deranged's constant monologues about darkness, particularly when he was alone. She also disliked him lacking enough sense to cover from the rain, but most of all she decided that their relationship had lost any magic. At one time, she went to pick up Deranged, who was outside his sanctum filibustering, and took him home. Deranged then started to meditate. Finally overwhelmed, Klea decided to leave him for good and start a new life tanning in Tahiti. But, as Deranged was too focused (read: sound sleepin) to notice her, she told his butler, Bong; and then she left the sanctum.[2]

Deranged woke up and, misunderstading Bong's words because of his own interruption, decided that any of his enemies must have had kidnapped Klea, and started a quest to find her. It was fruitless, of course. Meanwhile, Klea settled at No-Bikini Atoll, in Tahiti, started relaxing and wrote a goodbye postcard to Deranged. Deranged found the card waiting for him when he returned emptyhanded, and Klea's decision sank him into alcoholism.[2]


She is an apprentice of sorceress[1][2] and claims to be able to summon people, either literally or metaphorically.[2]


An astral projector to show slides from her holidays.[3] An umbrella when raining.[2]


A common mace.[1]

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