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Clem Robins

Clem Robbins

Clem Robins

Real Name
Clem Robins
Clem Robbins

Marvel; Malibu; DC Comics; Vertigo; Wildstorm; Dark Horse Comics; Rebellion; Antarctic Press; First; Eternity; Fishwrap Production; Image; Adventure; Apple



Place of Birth
Cincinnati , Ohio , United States of America

Date of Birth


Professional History

Clem Robins is a Cincinnati-based letterer. He was born in 1955, and did his first lettering work in 1977 for Gold Key comics. Assignments from DC followed, including such features as Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, Doorway to the Unknown, The Creeper, and others.

He began freelancing for Marvel in 1978, on The Human Fly, The Defenders, Hulk, Marvel Team Up, Spider Man, Spider Woman, and whatever else he could scarf up from them. He did stints in the production department of both companies during this time.

Robins left comics in 1979, only to return six years later. He lettered indie books for Apple, Vortex, First and Malibu. In 1989 he did Conan and other books for Marvel.

He is adjunct professor of human anatomy and figure drawing at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and his book "The Art of Figure Drawing" was published in 2002 by North Light Books. His work is in the permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Current projects include the various Hellboy books for Dark Horse comics, and for DC's Vertigo imprint, 100 Bullets, Loveless, Y: The Last Man, Unknown Soldier, Incognegro and Faker.

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