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Cletus Kasady was dangerous even before joining with the symbiote that would later be called Carnage!

Working with Doc Ock

Kasady would go on to work with Doctor Octopus, serving as his right hand man in an scheme to control the symbiotes. As Spider-Man and Venom found their way into the evil duo's underground lab, Cletus fought his symbiotic father while Spider-Man defeated Octavius. Dragging Spidey after beating Venom, Carnage engaged in an duel with the hero. Spider-Man managed to defeat Kasady through soundwaves, and the symbiote abandoned it's host on the scene, going on to merge with Octavius to form Monster-Ock. As Monster Ock was defeated by flames, seemingly killing the symbiote, and Kasady was left alone in the underground lab, nowhere to be seen in the Quinjet, his final fate remains uncertain.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Cletus Kasady of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Cletus Kasady of Earth-616.


  • Considering that Cletus was left without the symbiote and wasn't seen on the escaping Quinjet, it can be assumed he died in the explosion of his and Ock's lair.

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