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Cleveland is a city in the state of Ohio in the United States of America.


Howard the Duck landed on Earth in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, where he first faced the menace of Garko, the Man-Frog.[1][2] During the investigation, he finds Bessie, the Hellcow.[3] Howard first met the young life model Beverly Switzler who was a captive of the costumed criminal accountant Pro-Rata. Howard and Beverly escaped and began living together.[4]


Earth-8311 (Larval Earth)

Cleveland (Larval Earth)

When Morning Scandal dishonest publisher Rubert Hedgehog's wrongdoings were discovered several times, he decided to leave the city and try again his trashy fake news in a different city, aiming for Cleveland because he "hear they could use a new newspaper" there. His main reporter Minkzy Byline disliked the prospect, and the town.[5]

While traveling to Wisconsin, J. Jonah Jackal drove through Cleveland.[6]

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