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Dr Shallot

Professor Clifton Shallot was an instructor at Empire State University who, when his course was cancelled, snapped and used his expertise in bio-mutation techniques to transform himself into a physical duplicate of the Vulture, though with genuine claws, fangs and, for a time, wings. Knowing that his lab assistant, Christine Murrow, could expose him, he attempted to kill her, but instead murdered her roommate, Gloria Jenkins. Mary Jane Watson witnessed the murder and became Shallot's next target, leading him into conflict with Spider-Man. They fought several times over the next couple of days until Spider-Man, having deduced Shallot's identity, force fed him an antidote to his mutation. Shallot was arrested and presumably still in prison for Gloria's murder.[1]


Clifton Shallot possessed the Vulture's strength, maneuverability and flight powers, boosted by his mutation device, which grafted the wings to his body, gave him teeth capable of rending Spider-Man's webbing and turned his fingers into talons. A bio-chemical enzyme base could reverse the mutation as needed.[1]

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