When the-the phenomenon known as the White Event occurred, psychology professor Philip Nolan Voigt discovered he had developed the paranormal ability to mimic and amplify the other people who had become paranormal as a result of the White Event.

Voigt soon joined forces with an acquaintance, Dr. Dexter Charne, a clinical psychologist who had also gained paranormal abilities, and the two of them bought a disused sanatorium in Wisconsin. They converted it into the Clinic for Paranormal Research, ostensibly to help paranormals cope with their newfound powers. In reality, however, Voigt and Charne believed in the superiority of paranormals over normal humans and wanted to amass a paranormal army.

The duo hired clinically trained personnel and support staff, including two more paranormals, Tracy Speck and Harlan Hackbarth, and advertised in magazines and medical journals for patients to contact them if they had recently developed unusual abilities. Paranormal patients began to admit themselves to the Clinic and were assigned to therapy groups. However, the Clinic exercised unusual methods, keeping patients confined to their rooms at night, monitoring them on closed-circuit TV, and subjecting them to behavioral modification against their will thanks to Charne's power.

One night soon after his admission, one patient, Randy O'Brien, witnessed the Clinic's real methods and motives thanks to his 'Antibody'. O'Brien alerted the rest of his therapy group, Group C and they attempted to escape but were confronted by Hackbarth, who used his power to control the bodily functions of others on them. Hackbarth was overpowered by one of the group, Dave Landers, who resisted Hackbarth's power. The seven paranormals went on the run but were monitored by the telecognitive Speck and pursued by the clinic's bounty hunters.

The seven paranormals evaded capture for some months before they were all captured one by one after splitting into two groups. Once back at the Clinic, the seven were submitted to sedatives and behavioral modification. O'Brien and Landers managed to shake off the effects of both and confronted Voigt. They were shocked to discover Voigt was a paranormal, too, whose power far exceeded theirs. Nevertheless, O'Brien fought back by producing more 'Antibodies' than ever before, and Landers apparently killed Voigt.

O'Brien and Landers determined to stay at the Clinic to root out the bad apples and questionable practices. Charne was incensed when the Clinic's financial manager Craig LaGraves was made head of the Clinic and used his power to give LaGraves a stroke in an effort to frame Therapy Group C's therapist Dr. Jane Semple. A worried Semple alerted O'Brien and Landers. They confronted Charne, who accidentally shot his girlfriend Speck during the fight. Much to Landers' shock, one of O'Brien's 'Antibodies' killed Charne before Landers could.

Under the leadership of the newly appointed Tanis Newhouse, the Clinic was forced to lay off many members of staff in order to continue operating, and many of the patients took on jobs in the Clinic to help make up the shortfall. The Clinic soon ran into more difficulties, however, as many patients left their assigned therapy groups and joined special interest groups instead. Tensions escalated, to the point where there was a riot between patients that was only stopped thanks to the intervention of Lenore Fenzl, who used her paranormal ability to tranquilize all involved. Most of Therapy Group C left the Clinic soon after this on a personal mission.

Soon after the riot, a disgruntled former employee brought a reporter to the grounds of the Clinic, where they exhumed the bodies of Charne and Speck, who had been buried there in order to avoid the authorities finding out about the Clinic's work. The reporter also witnessed a group of younger patients using their paranormalities out in the open. The ex-employee and reporter returned to the Clinic with a group of 16 armed police officers, and the surprised patients soon began to lash out at them. In the ensuing battle, most of the police officers and some of the patients were killed. The Clinic was shut down, and the male paranormals were drafted into the army. The female paranormals were not subject to the draft but were sought after as assets by various intelligence agencies.


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Slogan: "Have strange things been happening to you lately? Has your own body become a stranger to you? Have you suddenly acquired unusual talents or disabilities? When nobody else can help you, the Clinic for Paranormal Research can!"

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