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Clint Barton and his neighbors gathering on the buildings roof

Wanting to live more independently from the Avengers, Clint Barton moved into this small apartment building in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Clint quickly became friendly with his neighbors especially during their nightly potluck gatherings on the roof of the building. When the landlord Ivan Banionis began raising the rent and Ivan's tracksuit goons began harassing the tenants to force them to move so the building could be sold, Hawkeye forcibly purchased the building using the money he inherited from his brother.[2]

To obscure the stolen drug money that Hawkeye was laundering, he lied to several other superheros saying that he sold his apartment building.[3][4]

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The exact dimensions of the building are unknown, but it appears to be at least four stories tall[5] and houses at least eight apartments.[6] The structure has fire escapes on both the front and rear of the building.[7][5]

While in an intensifying turf war with The Hood, Hawkeye began using the basement of his building as a base of operation. Bryce Bandau dubbed the space "The Fortress of Solid Dudes".[8]


  • Clint Barton
  • Aimee and her unnamed roommate
  • Deke
  • Tito
  • Unnamed single mother and her daughter[6]
  • Possibly several other unidentified residents

Former Residents

Alternate Reality Versions

Hawkeye's Apartment

Marvel Avengers Academy (Earth-TRN562)

Hawkeye's Apartment is the residence of Clint Barton and Lucky on the Avengers Academy grounds. It smells like pizza, burnt coffee, and dog hair.[1]



  • Here is a sketch of Clint Barton's apartment by David Aja.
  • The exact address/location of Clint's building is unknown. However:
    • The building is located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn.[5]
    • The building next to Clint's is numbered 187 Sherwood.[2][11]
    • According to Mockingbird's map, Clint's building is on the 300-400 block of Quincy St. between Tompkins Ave. and Marcy Ave.[12]


Lucky's view of Clint's building

  • Most individuals seem to live in apartments designated with some relation to their name, and the apartment designations do not seem to follow a traditional sequencing pattern:
    • Clint Barton lives in apartment H.[11]
    • Deke lives in apartment D.[6]
    • Grills lived in apartment G.[6]
    • Aimee lives in apartment A.[6]
    • The old woman aiding the Tracksuit Mafia lives in apartment T.[6]
    • However, Simone and her two sons live in apartment K (this could possibly stand for "Kids"), Tito lives in apartment P, and an unnamed single mother and her daughter live in apartment M.[6] These may be less obvious references to the characters that are currently unknown to readers.

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