Quote1 You come to Avengers Tower-- You get the Avengers. Ultron edition. Quote2
-- Hawkeye src

In the year 2420, when Ultron murdered the Avengers and enslaved humankind, he created his own Avengers team, composed mostly of A.I. modeled after heroes from the past, including Hawkeye.[1]

Together with the rest of the robotic Avengers, Hawkeye confronted their counterparts from the past, who had been displaced to to the future through time jumps caused by the Time Gem. Up until they all teleported further into the future, Hawkeye, Star Brand, Thor and Hyperion guarded the unbreakable cage containing most of the past Avengers while Captain America and Black Widow were dealing with their organic counterparts.[2]

Some time later, the A.I. Avengers saw the reign of their master Ultron threatened by the appearance of different Avengers, each from a distinct time period, brought to the present by Doctor Doom. Hawkeye, Captain America, Spider-Woman and Vision confronted the past Vision and Iron Man when they performed a frontal assault at the Avengers Tower, intending to shut down Ultron's drone factories.[1]

When the past heroes were surrounded, Captain America tried to hack into Iron Man's armor and control it to make him kill himself. However, from the time period Iron Man was, his armor didn't have external connections. Iron Man proceeded to take Hawkeye and Captain America by surprise and blasted their heads off.[3]


Seemingly those of the Clint Barton of Earth-616.


Hawkeye's Bow and Trick Arrows

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