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Early Life

Agent Clint Barton was originally a "solo act", preforming entertainment using his master archery skills under the stage name Hawkeye, that is until he was recruited into the Circus of Crime by Jacques Duquesne and Buck Chisholm and became a thief under the new alias; Trick Shot.[1]

At some point they became acquainted with Scott Lang who sold them equipment, however he had sabotaged them (one being a cable arrow that blew up in Clint's face) when he found out that they weren't a legitimate Circus. Clint on the other hand believe he betrayed them and ran off with the stolen money.[2] Clint has committed multiple crimes during his time with the Circus but his conscience never felt good about it, so during their biggest heist ever to rob Stark Industries, he triggered the alarm on purpose and were soon arrested. All except for Clit whom Nick Fury saw something in him, he gave him a chance walk down the right path and never look back, thus he became a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and assigned his old alias Hawkeye as his code-name. Over his career he has worked closely with Natasha Romanoff aka the "Black Widow".[3]

Years later Clint left S.H.I.E.L.D. and was recruited to join the Avengers to stop an alien invasion along with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. Together for a long time they handled threats no one could handle, up until they eventually disbanded.


Hawkeye teams up with Spider-Man to take down the Beetle. Now working together, each tries to show off their technology and skill, when they heard word of the Beetle. They raced across the city, only to be attacked by a Beetle drone. They take them out, only to be confronted with the real Beetle. They try to take him out, but are bound together with Hawkeye's adhesive arrow. They barely dodge his missiles, but the Beetle escapes and they are forced to get a cab to Jersey, much to the annoyance of the cab driver. At the construction site, the Beetle is planning to destroy the Tri-carrier. Now free from the adhesive binding, thanks to Beetle's laser, they are able to take him down, and he is taken away by S.H.I.E.L.D. After working together, the two heroes developed a grudging respect for each other, but when they high five, Spider-Man's web-shooters explode, binding them together again.[4]

The Avengers Protocol

After Captain America is vaporized by the Red Skull, Iron Man activates "The Avengers Protocol" calling the team through a hologram device to a meeting. The heroes selected by Stark are Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee named Sam Wilson. As the Avengers fly to the Hydra Base in Antarctica, they learn that Captain America is still alive and was unreported by M.O.D.O.K. to undergo a body change with his mortal nemesis the Skull. A massive battle ensues, and they end up rescuing Captain America. After his defeat, the Skull has M.O.D.O.K. attack and strip Tony of his Arc Reactor and Armor. Clad in his armor, he calls himself the "Iron-Skull". As Tony lies there dying, he asks Captain America for help.[5]

The team find the Quinjet blown to pieces. The only option is for them to all squeeze into the S.H.I.E.L.D. flying car. They rush him back to the Avengers mansion, where Falcon hooks Tony up to machinery to restart his heart. M.O.D.O.K. use special nanobots with the ability to turn the Avengers on each other. During the sparring session, the nanobots attack and infect them. They all battle each other, with only Tony left uninfected. He cures them using a concentrated EMP. They find the Skull, who was trying to steal Tony's tech, but he is stopped, still having time to teleport away. It is then that Tony discovers the Mansion's reactor was about to blow. The team must work together to stop the explosion. They create a vortex shooting the explosive energy into the sky. The team now moves to Stark Tower where they set up home as now a official team.[6]

Ghost of a Chance

The Avengers battle Space Phantoms, extra-dimensional beings who can replicate them right down to cellular level. The creatures replace them one by trapping them in Limbo. But Falcon is able to save the team, and working together, they take down the alien invaders.[7]

The Serpent of Doom

The Avengers battle Doctor Doom as he uses the Asgardian weapon Codgel to release the Midgard Serpent, hoping to use it to conquer the globe. The creature is too powerful, and would continue to grow until it consumes the Earth. After a battle with the Avengers, he and the creature are banished to the Realm Below using the extra-dimensional portal used by Ulik. [8]

Blood Feud

The Avengers battle Dracula, who had kidnapped the Black Widow and turned her into a vampire. They travel to Transylvania and confront him at Castle Dracula. He reveals that he was an ally of Captain America during World War II, working together to defeat the invading Hydra forces. He wants the Super-Soldier Serum in Cap's blood, which will allow him and his subject the ability to go out in the sunlight. During the fight, he drinks the Hulk's blood, absorbing his powers and turning the Hulk into a vampire. However, the Hulk gamma cells act like tiny suns, and he burns away the infection, which also weakens Dracula. In his defeat, his minions drag him underground to safety. [9]

He was captured along the other heroes by The Collector, but later freed by She-Hulk and Skaar.[10]

Super Adaptoid

Justin Hammer sends a video message to the Avengers, inviting them to come to his company, so he can show off his new invention: The Super-Adaptoid. The Avengers make quick work of the Adaptoid, prompting Hammer to rebuild the robot and send it to Avengers Tower to attack the team. After a lengthy battle, Captain America and the Avengers manage to destroy the Super-Adaptoid again. [11]



Seemingly those of Clinton Barton of Earth-616.

Quote1.png Anything that can be picked up and thrown is a weapon to me. Quote2.png
--Hawkeye (Clint Barton)[src]
  • Peak Human Condition: As a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Hawkeye is in peak physical condition. He is very strong, fast, agile and athletic. Dracula referred to him as a "healthy specimen."[12] He is also skilled in several sports, including dodgeball[13] and volleyball.[14] He has good reflexes, as he claims he can catch as well as he can shoot.[15] He kept his balance on a sky-cycle while Black Widow was rolling it through the air.[16] Ant-Man said he is like a machine when he did not run out of breath from running uphill.[17]
  • Master Marksman: Hawkeye is the world's most expert marksman.[18] He has perfect aim,[7] specializing in archery, and he never misses his target.[9][14][19] He launched three arrows simultaneously into a poster of Stark's face, mid-flip.[5] He also shot Molecule Man's wand out of his hand,[18] shot a TV with an arrow to make it fall on Mojo's head,[20] fired an ice arrow at Attuma while falling down,[21] and fired another arrow to separate Gungnir from Rungnur,[13] Hawkeye was a capable archer even when he was temporarily blinded by the Cosmic Skull.[12] He can also use a holographic crossbow[22][23] and a wristbow and regular bow underwater.[14] He shot an untested energy arrow through four rockets.[16] Stark said he makes archery look easy.[24] In a trial of agility, he defeated a dragon with his bow and arrow, receiving compliments from the Hulk.[25] During a training session, he shot an arrow through two holographic rings and even intercepted Falcon's homing arrow, simultaneously hitting his target; in Vanaheim, he shot an arrow to cause a rock slide, split a spear into two and made logs roll to block off the Shadow Nixes.[26] He can shoot while blindfolded.[27] He was able to shoot Thanos by tracking his teleportation patterns, once without looking.[23] He compensated for New Korbin's stronger gravity (1.2 gs compared to Earth's 1 g).[19] Rogers complimented his accuracy,[28] and he fired an EMP arrow into Ultron's forehead and caused debris to fall by shooting another arrow.[29] He can fire arrows down the barrels of guns.[30][31] Iron man complimented his accuracy.[32] Hawkeye is also capable of performing numerous trick shots, such as ricocheting a tin of breath mints into the Hulk's mouth,[5] blowing a straw wrapper into one of the Hulk's nostrils,[11] ricocheting a baseball off multiple surfaces to knock down a pyramid of milk bottles,[18] assembling a sandwich by tossing ingredients behind his back,[15] throwing two metal balls into Torgo's eyes in Mojo's gladiatorial arena,[20] defeating all of the Avengers in dodgeball for a training session,[13] intercepting one of Trick Shot's arrows with a metal ball and consistently launching more metal balls at the Avengers' mind control rings with great precision,[33] making five consecutive bullseyes with darts,[34] accurately flicking a pea to make it deflect off of multiple surfaces and into one of the Hulk's nostrils,[22] doing the ring toss and playing volleyball without looking and shuffleboard,[14] throwing cards into each other to stack a house of cards,[26] throwing the Guardians' teleportation discs,[27] throwing a twig to scare off a snake and throwing rocks at the Mindless Ones,[17] throwing pizza and a towel as a distraction, throwing his glasses at Goliath to make him swing his arms to push Moonstone into Beetle and fire his missiles at the ceiling to trigger the sprinklers, throwing an object to set off a simulation to block Beetle's path, throwing his card through a narrow opening to make it deflect off the wall and back to the elevator scanner, His skill extends to other weapons, as seen when he trapped legs with a bola,[35][36] when he used a slingshot to hunt for food and he threw a rock at a raptor's head to knock it out in the Savage Land,[37] when he aimed Iron Man's gauntlet,[38] when he threw a trident underwater,[14] he used Thor's armor plates as throwing discs when the Mind Stone temporarily but him in the latter's body,[24] he used a flail and battle axes in Vanaheim,[26] he used Skull's mystic staff to weaken a dome,[17] he used a pole as a javelin and he threw Captain America's shield,[39] he used his own belt to lasso Beetle to the ground to make him fire his missiles at Moonstone he used a metal bottle to block Zemo's sword, he used a barbell as a staff and threw weights at Zemo.[30]
    • Arrow Mastery: Hawkeye can also use his arrows as piercing weapons or simply throw them with accuracy.[40][33][16][24][26][17][39][30][41][42] Hawkeye can also fire his arrows to make them ricochet off multiple surfaces,[43] and stick arrows into walls to stop himself from falling.[32]
  • Master Martial Artist: When Falcon was searching for a sparring partner, Iron Man told him that Hawkeye is always good for a fight.[7] Black Widow taught him how to perform her roundhouse kick.[28] He was able to temporarily fight against Baron Zemo.[30]
  • Expert Detective: In addition to targets, Hawkeye never misses a clue; he is very perceptive and observant, with Falcon referring to him as a genius and Stark said he does not miss much.[15][33][14][17][30]
  • Expert Spy: Hawkeye is trained as a spy.[14][24] He spied on the Thunderbolts and found out they were the Masters of Evil.[44]
  • Expert Engineer: Hawkeye builds and fixes his arrows.[30] Falcon said he is good with microelectronics.[45]
  • Expert Pilot: Hawkeye can fly the Aven-jet.
  • Bilingualism: Hawkeye speaks English and Spanish.[6][22]
  • Indomitable Will: Odin stated that Hawkeye is brave and bold.[13]


Falcon designed a booby-trapped arrow as a part of his anti-Hawkeye plan.[46]



Hawkeye's Bow


Trick Arrows


Quinjet, Sky-Cycle


  • Voiced by Troy Baker
  • Hawkeye appears in a photograph of one of Spider-Man greatest superhero fails.[47]


  • Hawkeye's personality changes between animated series: in Ultimate Spider-Man, he is serious and nonchalant; in Avengers Assemble, he is very talkative and sarcastic.
    • This could be explained as that other than being around the SHIELD Trainees, Hawkeye does not need to set an example.

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