Quote1.png You tell me, Mrs. Parker. What should we risk... to save the guy who left the Avengers hanging? All it cost me that night was my eye. Cost almost every Avenger their lives. Leaving him hanging? You ask me, that's karma. Quote2.png
-- Hawkeye src


Heroic Age Hawkeye

Hawkeye was dealing with the Ryker's Island complete prison escape when he was called in to battle the Regent.[1]

Hawkeye was one of the few survivors, only losing his right eye. He kept the Avengers alive in S.H.I.E.L.D.. When they acquired a Inhibitor Chip from Annie Parker and given a portal to Empire Unlimited HQ, thanks to Sandman, they finally saw an opportunity to defeat Regent once and for all.[2]

While the Avengers tried and failed to neutralize the Regent, Annie decided to help her father, and she struck the villain with an Inhibitor Chip Trick Arrows obtained from Hawkeye; however, even with his powers neutralized, the Regent was still a threat. Spider-Man, Annie, and Mary Jane Watson-Parker teamed up to beat him up, but the Regent got hold of Annie. Spidey bluffed his way next to the Regent, and made a joke that caused the villain to laugh and be distracted for long enough so Peter could strike a finishing blow that knocked him out. The Avengers proceeded to take the Regent into custody using an improvised restraining unit created by the Prowler.[3]


Seemingly those of the Clinton Barton of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Clinton Barton of Earth-616.

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