Hawkeye was once a premier superhero and a member of the Avengers. When the supervillains banded together and took over the world, Hawkeye survived the purge of superheroes, but was blinded by Avalanche.[2]

Hawkeye recruited Logan to help him deliver a package to New Babylon, and acted as Logan's guide across the country, ruled by infamous villains.[citation needed]

When he attempted to barter one of the Super-Soldier Serum vials he was delivering for himself, it was revealed that there was no actual underground hero league, but the delivery was a setup in order to kill him. He was shot between the eyes by Tobias, who was acting as his buyer.[citation needed]


Hawkeye seemed to have a radar-like sense, much like Daredevil once had, with the addition of his normal deadly accuracy. He was even able to drive while blind.


Seemingly those of Clinton Barton of Earth-616.


Hawkeye is blind due to cataracts.


A Katana and custom-made bow, quick-release quiver, and a number of arrows.

  • Clint was an atheist.[3]

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