Hawkeye shared a similar history to his prime universe counterpart until Loki gave Hydro-Man vast knowledge. Using this knowledge he planned a trap for the West Coast Avengers. After capturing Hawkeye, Wonder Man and Dr. Pym, Loki took away Hydro-Man's smarts, causing him to be captured with ease.

Hydro-Man then revealed that he had placed a bomb designed to cause widespread destruction as a fail-safe plan. In hopes that he would diffuse it, Dr. Pym decided to let Hydro-Man free. However, without his heightened intelligence, Hydro-Man let slip the bomb's location before his containment field was opened.

When the three Avengers found the bomb, Hydro-Man couldn't remember how to disarm it, as he had designed it while he had heightened intelligence. While contemplating what to do, the bomb started vibrating, and exploded, killing Hydro-Man, Wonder Man, Dr. Pym and Hawkeye instantly.[1]


Seemingly those of Clint Barton of Earth-616.

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