Quote1 They call me Bullseye Barton. Quote2
-- Bullseye src

Clint aka Bullseye led the Defenders against Dr. Doom. When Thor returned to Earth from Asgard, Bullseye and his Defenders arrived to help him. Escaping Doom's agent together with Thor, the Defenders brought him back to their base on the downed Helicarrier where Bullseye recounted how Doom came to power.

Their meeting is interrupted however, as Doom storms the ship himself. Defeating the Defenders and Thor, they are all taken to be executed.

When Doom's own men turned on him, Natasha freed the Defenders and they began to fight Doom's Servo-Guards.[1]


Seemingly those of the Clint Barton of Earth-616.


Bullseye's Bow




Trick Arrows

Bullseye's outfit is based off one the costumes that Ultimate Hawkeye used.

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