Hawkeye was one of the heroes operating in New York City.[1] He offered Sky-Cycle lessons through advertising.[2] Clint attended a party hosted by Iron Man where Enchantress tricked him into fighting Ant-Man.

When Pepper Potts, revealed she had a list of 20 super recruits that they needed to convince to join the Academy, Hawkeye heard about it and was surprised he wasn't part of it and asked if not being on the list means he isn't a "super recruit", he also asked if at least there was a list of adequate recruits and was curious if he was part of any recruiting list for the Academy.

Hawkeye has reappeared at the Avengers Academy a few more times, helping Iron Man with his marksmanship and teaching Wasp how to use a bow. After helping Wasp he told her he was finally coming to the Academy alongside his dog and his sidekick.

Ultron Revolution

Hawkeye was called to the Avengers Academy by Black Widow to help stop Ultron who had started a robot revolution at the Academy. Black Widow believed Hawkeye skill set and the lack of technology would be ideal to help stop Ultron who was taking over all of the Academy's electronics.

Hawkeye answered her call and finally joined the Academy alongside his trainee Kate Bishop and his dog Lucky.[1]


Seemingly those of the Clint Barton of Earth-616.




  • Hawkeye appeared in the story at various points before finally becoming playable in January 2017, as part of the Ultron Revolution event.[1]
  • Clint used to date Black Widow. [1]

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