The past history of Clive Reston on Earth-79816 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the murder of Dr. James Petrie at the hands of Shang-Chi. In this reality, Shang-Chi would not be confronted by Sir Nayland Smith and thus remain loyal to his father, the terrorist known as Fu Manchu.

Smith would recruit Reston into his task force to stop Fu Manchu once and for all, and along with Blackjack Tarr and his Clive's lover Leiko Wu would track the Si-Fan to Highgate Cemetery where Shang-Chi was assisting in the recovery of five deceased men that were loyal to Fu Manchu. Reston would clash with Shang-Chi in the cemetery, however would prove to be no match for the Kung-Fu master, and Shang-Chi and his fathers minions would succeed in their mission. Reston and the others would manage to capture one of the Si-Fan and learn of Fu Manchu's intended strike on Buckingham Palace to murder the British royal family.

Clive and the others would join the British authorities in clashing with Fu Manchu and his undead warriors the Dacoits of Death. They would succeed in stopping the attack and destroy the Dacoits with the help of Shang-Chi, who had just renounced his fathers ways, however Fu Manchu would escape. During the battle, Reston and the authorities would use flame throwers to incinerate the Dacoits of Death, angering Shang-Chi who was against killing, and would strike Reston for killing. Reston's actions would convince Shang-Chi that Smith and his followers were no different than his father, and later when Smith would offer him a position in his task force, would turn the offer down.

Clives's current activities are unknown.

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