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Quote1.png Oh, Cloak -- what if that policewoman was right?! What kind of monsters have we become?!! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Priest"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Several unnamed drug dealers

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Synopsis for "The Priest"

Father Francis Delgado walks past a throng of drug dealers in Hell’s Kitchen on his way to the Holy Ghost Church. When he enters the rectory he finds two superhuman individuals standing before him – Cloak and Dagger. Cloak and Dagger come seeking sanctuary, and they tell the priest that they gained their powers after being injected with an experimental narcotic. Now they use their abilities to prey on the pushers that plague the city.

Meanwhile at the 21st precinct, vice officer O'Rielly and several other officers find the bodies of various drug dealers in a fugue state. At first they appear as if they have overdosed on their own product, but it soon becomes apparent that they have had a run-in with Cloak and Dagger.

Back at the Church, Delgado gives Cloak and Dagger food and asks them a series of questions. He tells them that he has called the police to check out their story. Cloak asks him if he revealed their location to them, but Delgado says that he has not. Cloak and Dagger came looking for sanctuary, and he will not violate that. He tells them that he has heard tales of pushers being found in extremely bad shape.

Meanwhile, a young man named Jerry and his girlfriend Alice arrive in town. A few lowlifes accost them and pull them into a secluded alley when suddenly Cloak and Dagger appear. Moments later, O'Rielly and her team of officers arrive as well and a firefight breaks out. Dagger's body glows and she discharges several bolts of solid light that incapacitate the attackers. In the midst of gunfire, Jerry is struck by a stray bullet and dies. O'Rielly blames Cloak and Dagger for the boy’s death. Cloak and Dagger teleport away from the scene and back to the church.

Solicit Synopsis

A young girl, newly arrived in New York, falls victim to a particularly insidious type of individual and Cloak and Dagger come to her rescue.


Cloak and Dagger's most recent appearance was in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 96.

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