Quote1 You have a high regard for the law, Detective. Yet it was not the law that saved these children. It was Cloak and Dagger. Quote2
-- Cloak

Appearing in "Sinners All!"

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Synopsis for "Sinners All!"

Cloak and Dagger break-up a child pornography ring in Times Square. Father Francis contacts Dagger's step-father and gets the address of where her mother will be so that Dagger can visit her. Cloak goes on a rampage in the church making all of the parishioners see their worst fears. Dagger heals everyone but leaves Cloak.

Solicit Synopsis

"You can never go home again," is the old saying. But Dagger believes she can return to the normal life she once led. Cloak vows to help her, even though he knows that if Dagger succeeds, he will lose her forever!

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