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Synopsis for "Mayhem"

Cloak and Dagger bust-up several criminal locations looking for information about where the Santa Angela is going to dock. They discover that it has already docked and the drugs it was carrying have already been delivered. More than that, they discover a plot to kill Detective O'Reily. Unfortunately, they are too late and O'Reilly's own officers have killed her. Cloak and Dagger both use their powers to help her, but they end up reviving her as a super-powered vigilante named Mayhem. She gets revenge on those officers who betrayed her and the three vigilantes realize that the drugs are being distributed in statues of Saint Santa Angela de Merici.

Solicit Synopsis

Police detective Brigit O'Reilly is betrayed by her own kind and transformed into a demonic vigilante! What this means to Cloak and Dagger can be described in only one word ... "Vendetta!"

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