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Quote1.png What care I for the fate of three souls... when the entire universe is mine to control?! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Heat Is On..."

Mephisto has taken Spider-Man, Cloak, Dagger, and Anna Johnson to his realm. Ghost Rider also arrives, after following them through the portal. Demons attack the group while Mephisto explains how he manipulated Commander Thule. Mephisto senses Thanos summoning him, and leaves the battle. Ghost Rider puts Anna on his motorcycle, and instructs it to carry her back through the portal. The heroes continue to fight Mephisto's demons.

In New York, Avandalia and an unseen figure have captured Brigid, Rusty, and Tandy's step-father. The building collapses, but the apartment they are in remains floating in the air.

The motorcycyle brings Anna to a man named Erich, then returns to Mephisto's realm. Dagger blasts a chasm into the ground, and traps the demons inside it. The land animates and attacks the heroes, creating a stone wall, stone hands, and a lava pit.

Mephisto returns, then swallows Cloak and Dagger. Inside his stomach, they see visions of drug addicts being digested. Cloak merges with his Darkform, and his touch burns Mephisto. The demon spits them out and tries to stomp on them, however Cloak and Dagger are suddenly teleported to the Otherdark. They emerge and find themselves in the floating apartment. Meanwhile, Ghost Rider and Spider-Man escape Mephisto's domain on the motorcyle.

Solicit Synopsis

Mephisto's plans are revealed to Cloak, Dagger, Spider-Man and the Ghost Rider.


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