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Synopsis for "Straying from the Path!"

After being freed from the control of Mr. Jip by Cloak and X-Factor, Dagger has lost both her memory and her sight. Unable to determine the cause, doctors inform her step-father and uncle that the blindness is likely permanent.

While Dagger is distraught, and having a hard time adjusting to her new predicament; Cloak is not faring any better. After being sent home from the hospital by Father Bowen to cool down, Cloak finds Detective "Rusty" Nales waiting for him. Initially wanting to ask Cloak about information on her former partner, Detective O'Reilly, Rusty and Cloak end up spending hours together talking and sharing stories.

As Rusty prepares to leave for her shift, Cloak hunches over in pain, before an alien forces itself through his portal from the Darkforce Dimension. Brushing off the incident, Cloak convinces Rusty he's fine. As she leaves the church, three more alien creatures force their way through Cloak's chest, in pursuit of the first alien, Gromitz.

Gromitz travels to the Stamford home of Reed and Susan Richards, and swipes a tiny object made of scrap parts from the nightstand of a sleeping Franklin Richards. As he attempts to use Cloak's portal as a means of return, Gromitz is thwarted when Cloak prevents his entry into the portal. Cloak's stalls long enough that the other aliens catch up to Gromitz, but, talking to himself about "bonus points", Gromitz tosses the trinket from the Richards' house through Cloak's portal before being captured by his pursuers and hauled off into the night.

As the aliens vanish into the night, Cloak is startled to find former minister Francis Delgado standing next to him. Apprehensive towards Delgado, Cloak shares a brief conversation with him before Delgado leaves. Unbeknownst to Cloak, Delgado reports outside to Mr. Jip about Cloak and Dagger's current predicaments.

When Gromitz, revealed as a Grund, is brought before his employers, the Byan'Nantandu, his captors reveal his trickery of throwing the trinket into the Darkforce Dimension. The Byan'Nantandu, unfazed by the news, consult a text referred to only as "The Book" to find the name of the gatekeeper to the Darkforce Dimension in this section of the universe. They send a Darbian servant, Jophurg, to Earth to retrieve the gatekeeper.

Jophurg lands in Nepal, and captures an elderly man, taking him back to the ship in a Bhontar transportation orb. At the same time in Queens, Father Bowen returns to the Holy Ghost Church to find Cloak cleaning up debris from his encounter with the Grunds. Refusing to talk about the incident, Cloak inquires about Dagger, to which Father Bowen replies that she could use his encouragement and company.

Materializing in the shadows of her hospital room, Cloak believes Dagger to be asleep under a blanket, but when he pulls the blanket back, he finds Jophurg waiting for him instead. Unbeknownst to Cloak, Dagger's step-father Phillip, frustrated by the lack of answers from the doctors at the hospital, checked Dagger out and took her back to his apartment. As Cloak wonders for Dagger's whereabouts, Jophurg transports him back to the Byan'Nantandu ship.

Once aboard, Cloak is introduced to the Old Man from Nepal. When he questions why they are aboard the ship, the Old Man tells Cloak that the aliens want the trinket back, plan to use their ship to destroy Earth whether it is returned or not.

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