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Quote1.png Please, Peter. This is darker than red. It's more of a... scarlet. It's me, Peter. Ben Reilly. Your brother from another blood cell. Quote2.png
Jackal ("Miles Warren" / Ben Reilly)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen flee the New U as Captain Stacy and the other resurrected ones go in search of Earth-616's Gwen.

At Horizon thinks Kaine's body may contain a cure for the Carrion virus and they decide to call the police. Unfortunately Commissioner Anderson is one of the Jackal's clones and gives false reassurances while actually warning the New U. Rhino and Electro attack Horizon University and kidnap Kaine and retrieve Gwen. Anna Maria goes spontaneously with them certain of being able to help her. Peter and Gwen arrive too late, but Kingpin offers to help by offering him the Jackal's location. Spider-Man notes that the Jackal has outraged his family by cloning his wife and son and that if he defeats him, Fisk will be indebted to him. While Gwen goes to rescue Anna and Kaine, Peter joins the Jackal who after a brief confrontation is revealed to be Ben Reilly, who offers him to clone Uncle Ben.

The new Jackal ... Ben Reilly!

Solicit Synopsis


• SPIDER-MAN is on the run from his resurrected rogues!

• The Jackal’s master plan is further revealed. Just how deep does it run?

• And why is Doctor Octopus playing second fiddle to the Jackal?

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