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Quote1.png It's not the science. Ned Leeds. Nick Katzenberg. Captain Stacy. Gwen. You brought them all back. Without hesitation. But not Uncle Ben. And I know why. Because he'd look at you the way only Ben Parker could. And he'd tell you... you're wrong. Yes. You have the means. The power. But no responsibility. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Otto is creating a proto-clone into which to transfer the consciences of the resurrected New U, but he must first make sure he doesn't suffer from the decay as well, while Curt tries a different approach, starting to work on a serum that improves their natural regenerative abilities. . Otto is shocked to find himself in front of Anna Maria, who no longer wants to know about him. Peter and Ben arrive at the second headquarters of the New U, and Peter sees all the resurrected, while Otto deduces that cellular dedication could be cured through vibrations. Among the resurrected, however, there is no Uncle Ben and Peter understands why the Jackal has not cloned him: Uncle Ben would tell him that even if he has the power to bring the dead back to life, he is using it irresponsibly. At that point the Jackal gives the Super Villains the task of killing Peter and prepares to replace him. Luckily Prowler assists him.

The Jackal in exchange for Anna Maria's help proposes to give her a normal body, but she furiously refuses because she does not consider her dwarfism something to fix. This leads to a clash between the Jackal and Doc Ock and eventually the latter sends a sound signal that through the vibrations will destroy all the clones, but now even the non-clones have been infected by the Carrion virus. Ben then decides to broadcast the signal around the world in order to replace humanity with clones under his control.

Solicit Synopsis

• The darkest Spider-Man story ever gets EVEN DARKER!

• Doctor Octopus and the Lizard have both been on a tight leash, but decide it’s time to stop playing nice…

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