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Quote1.png Every person on this whole stupid planet is counting on you, Peter Parker. Promise me. Do your job. Make me proud. Quote2.png
Gwen Stacy

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Synopsis for 1st story

Spider-Man leaves Prowler and Jean with the task of preventing the infectious clones from escaping while trying to stop the Jackal. Gwen guides Peter in the New U only to be left behind to face the Goblins. This time she is determined to die fighting to save the world and she doesn't want Peter to see her melt.

Kaine and Spider-Gwen try to prevent the clones from escaping, while Spider-Man and Anna Maria decide to use a counter-frequency that stops cellular decay, transmitting it through the Webware and leaving Otto to restrain the Jackal.

The signal is successfully transmitted and the world is saved, and Peter and Anna find ash near Octopus' tentacles and the Jackal's helmet. Some criminals dissolved, some were captured, others fled. Dr. Clarkson takes the heroes to the dungeons where the originals were kept from which to draw the material for the clones. Some of them like Hobie can be saved. Others like Jerry won't be so lucky.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Jackal takes drastic measures that Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen and Scarlet Spider could never see coming.

• Jackal’s coup de grâce not only sets a host of resurrected villains loose on the unsuspecting streets of San Francisco, but threatens the lives of everyone on Earth!

• After months of waiting, heartache and incredible surprises, THIS is the issue Spider-fans around the world will be talking about for years to come!

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