Cloud was a horse that was raised on a ranch during the days of the American Frontier in the town of Horsehead Junction, Texas. It was stolen from its owner by a wild Palomino Stallion who chose it to be its mate. This stallion was tamed by gunfighter and outlaw Tex Morgan who named it Lightning. Morgan also tamed the female horse, giving it to his partner Lobo who named her Cloud[1].

Cloud rode Lobo to such locations as the Painted Desert[2]; Bitters Creek; Tombstone, Arizona[3]; Clear Water Creek; White Man's End[4]; Red Creek Run[5]; Seven Mile[6]; Clear Creek; Mineral Wells; Grey Wolf Valley[7]; Mud-Creek[8]; Hangtown; New Mexico[9]; Baja, California; Sioux Falls; Cherry Creek Valley[10]; Southern Canada[11]; Choctaw Creek[12]; Rimrock Valley[13]; Powder Smoke Valley; Silver City[14]; and Bloody River[15]

Lobo continued to ride Cloud during a period in which he, for unknown reasons, assumed the alias of Little Feather[16].

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