Club Scorpion was a Manhattan nightclub owned by Jefferson Davis, aka the Scorpion. At its VIP lounge an acuction was held by S.I.L.K. of items originating from the alternate universe of Earth-616.

Gwen Stacy infiltrated the club under Matt Murdock's orders, due to the presence of somebody resembling Scorpion (in reality Davis' Earth-616 counterpart) causing trouble. When Gwen was attacked by Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man came to her aid. This Spider-Man originated from Earth-616, and was visiting Earth-65 looking for his father Jefferson Davis.

Scorpion interrupted the ensuing brawl, and confronted both Stacy and Spider-Man. Spider-Man referred to him as his father,[1] but Jefferson didn't recognize him at all and even attacked him. Spider-Man and Gwen, who had changed to her Spider-Woman suit, confronted the Scorpion and eventually defeated him. When the police arrived, Spider-Woman left Scorpion webbed up for them, and he was taken into custody.[2]

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