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Clyde Wyncham was the only mutant born in his reality. He developed amazing reality-altering powers. When he was young he brought his father back to life, which so terrified his mother that she struck him on the head with a candlestick, giving him permanent brain damage. He went to live in an asylum, where he would read comic books. One day, the nurses took his comics away so he responded by bringing the Marvel characters to his reality. Eventually, the government covered everything up and the Marvel characters offered to take him back to their reality.[2]

Reed Richards had Clyde placed in a holding cell in Area 87 and built him a giant cybernetic helmet that would give him an eternity of pleasant dreams and keep him out of trouble.[citation needed]

When a corrupted future version of Clyde, known as the Marquis of Death, attacked the Fantastic Four, he offered Mister Fantastic the chance to kill his younger self in order to prevent him from becoming the Marquis of Death. However, Reed refused to do so, believing Clyde could not be held accountable for his future self's crimes.[citation needed]

Later, Clyde was released by the Thing in order to fight against his future self. Clyde was defeated by the Marquis but not before the Marquis had been severely weakened to the point that he could no longer fight back against his adversaries, eventually being killed by Doctor Doom.[citation needed]

Clyde returned to a state of unconsciousness during the fight and was taken back to Area 87 where he dreamed pleasant dreams once more.[citation needed]

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