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Clytemnestra Erwin and her brother Morley were both scientists employed by Stark International. When Obadiah Stane took control of the company, the Erwins, along with Jim Rhodes (the then-current Iron Man), severed their ties with the company and joined forces with the recovering alcoholic Tony Stark and formed the Los Angeles based electronics firms Circuits Maximus.[1]

As Stark was but a shell of the man he once was, it fell upon Clytemnestra to learn everything there was to know about Jim Rhodes' Iron Man armor and effect repairs and upgrades when needed. During this time, Clytemnestra developed strong feelings for Tony Stark, but kept her emotions closely guarded. Only her brother Morley knew the truth about the love she felt for her colleague. This changed however on the traumatic day when Obadiah Stane's machinations cost Morley Erwin his life.[2]

Clytemnestra was also injured during the attack, but she soon recovered. Inwardly however, she blamed Tony Stark for her brother's death. Erwin contacted AIM, particularly Yorgon Tykkio, and exchanged information, telling them the location of Stark and his legendary armor, with the agreement that Stark would be assasinated. Stark however, escaped the attempt unharmed. Cly continued to assault Stark with weaponry later on Boca Caliente. In Iron Man's ensuing battle to free the island from AIM's rule, Clytemnestra was killed.[3]


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