Cobalt was a member of the Ravens, a group of vampire that psychically fed the other emotions of other, eventually killing their victims. There needed to be 24 people in the Ravens to maintain their lives. The Ravens' existence was threatened when one of their members Azure was killed by Archangel.[1]

Archangel was eventually captured, and the Ravens tried to turn him into one of them to replace Azure. However, X-Factor arrived to rescue Archangel. Cobalt fought Cyclops and Marvel Girl. He was able to knock out Cyclops, but Marvel Girl was able to kill him by dropping a giant ankh on top of his head. This caused the Ravens' already tenuous lifeline with one another was broke, and the surviving Ravens died.[2]


Psychic Vampirism: Cobalt is a psychic vampire that feeds off the emotions and memories of others. This gave him different powers:

  • Advanced Longevity: By feeding off others, Cobalt and the others Ravens had lived for at least 200 years.[1]
  • Levitation[3]
  • Teleportation: Like the other Ravens, Cobalt could teleport by transforming into a red mist and rematerializing elsewhere.[1]
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Intangibility[3]


  • The Ravens needed to maintain a membership of 24. If one of them dies, the others would die within 24 hours.[1]
  • Cobalt and the other Ravens weaken when exposed to sunlight, though it's unknown if its enough to kill him.[1]
  • The Ravens appeared to be at least vulnerable to decapitation or lethal blows to the head.[1][3]

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