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Cobweb is a precognitive alien, one of the Parahuman mercenaries called the Special Executive, who operate across the multiverse and throughout time. One of the prototype Gallifreyan Loom-born. Cobweb has been known to have been a member of the group since at least three hundred years before their current leader, Wardog, took over. She was one of the Executive members who were active on Gallifrey when the Order of the Black Sun attacked.[1]

Cobweb was among the membership when the team clashed with Captain Britain while in the employ of Saturnyne.[2]

Cobweb was the lover of Legion until one of his future selves was murdered by the cosmic spanning killing machine known as the Fury. Her precognitive powers did not foresee his death and it came to a complete shock to her when it happened. She and Legion were together for another week, until his death caught up with them and he perished.[3]

She scattered his ashes after he was cremated.

Powers and Abilities


  • Precognition: Cobweb has powerful precogntive powers.
  • Telepathy
  • Immortality: Cobweb appears to be immortal.

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