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The leader of the Cockroach Soldiers who infiltrated New Liberty for its bountiful land and farmers claimed to be the President of the United States. After the rest of the world became inhabitable for human beings, the United Nations declared North America to be a sovereign state, allowing any and all migrants to live there without being turned away. A small faction of Americans believed this to be wrong, and fought hard to take back their country. An even smaller group spliced cockroach DNA into their own to become tougher soldiers and gain the ability to live anywhere. The President was one of this group. He was eventually killed by Cable after chasing them from New Liberty across the country. Before he died, the 'President' briefed Cable on everything that had happened in the world since Australia was destroyed with Nukes.

Powers and Abilities


Enhanced strength, resistance to death. Able to live with many body parts removed or destroyed.

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