Quote1 That's enough lounging around for you two dodos. I need sixty pounds of bat guano for a special facial mask. Belfry's in the tower. Quote2
-- Coco von Doom src

Mother of Doom

Cynthia Von Doom is the mother of Doctor Doom and wears a version of his armor. She was shown as a prison in Chthon's dimension. She is also shown to have nagging-related powers, rather than mystical powers. After Doctor Doom conquered Chthon's dimension, he freed his mother who changed her first name to Coco (as Cynthia was too "drab"). While Doctor Doom had some business to attend to, he instructed Abomination and M.O.D.O.K. to keep an eye on his mother and tend to her or else he will replace them with Trapster or Unus the Untouchable. While she was out in Super Hero City with Abomination and M.O.D.O.K., she used her nagging abilities on the Hulk who was unable to attack a female. When the Super Hero Squad members that weren't in Chthon's dimension arrived, Hulk managed to strike back. Doctor Doom's deal with Chthon had Coco withdrawn into Chthon's dimension. She was seen playing cards with Galactus' Mother and an elderly version of Morgan le Fay where she tells them that she has found another way to contact her son. It then cuts to Doctor Doom where he finds out that his mother had sent him a friend invitation on Maskbook and other things. Doctor Doom commented that "his mother was evil." [1]

Pedicure and Facial of Doom

Coco has returned from Chthon's dimension and converts Castle Doom in Latveria into a spa for superheroes with Chthon and the Doombots there working for her. She also had invented a special chilli spray that causes anyone sprayed by it to end up relaxing at the spa. Doctor Doom managed to free Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Wolverine from the spray's effect with a counter-spray enabling the Super Hero Squad to defeat Coco and Chthon. Coco and Chthon were remanded to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, but Doctor Doom got away.[2]


Seemingly those of Cynthia von Doom (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Cynthia von Doom (Earth-616)#Abilities.


Doctor Doom's Armor



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