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  • When Piper sees him flying overhead, Angel is shown in the red and yellow uniform he wore from X-Men #39 to X-Men #60.
  • The Thing, Namor and Namorita encountering the Mortoid is from Marvel Two-In-One #2.
  • The scene with Spider-Man and Black Panther battling dinosaurs is from Marvel Team-Up #20.
  • Daredevil fighting the Beetle is from Daredevil #109.
  • Moon Knight pursuing the Werewolf may be intended as a reference to Werewolf by Night #32, but those events took place in Los Angeles.
  • The Human Torch and Iceman against Equinox is from Marvel Team-Up #23.
  • The Defenders fought the Wrecking Crew in Harlem in Defenders #19.
  • The Falcon being chased by an Ultra-Robot is from Captain America #178.
  • The Hulk has fought the Thing in Manhattan several times, but this occasion is probably meant to be Giant-Size Super-Stars #1, as the 1974 publication date would match most of the other references in this issue.
  • The hostage crisis on a boat in the East River is from Amazing Spider-Man #134135.

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