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Quote1.png None of the guilt was mine. All of it was mine. Quote2.png
Jeffrey Piper

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Synopsis for "Verdicts"

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Solicit Synopsis

Last issue, Jeff Piper an ordinary man tries to survive the mean streets of the Big Apple as an officer of the NYPD. In the second compelling chapter we jump ahead a few years and find Jeff knee deep in the good fight, all the while haunted by the temptation of the Kingpin and the costumed gods like the Phoenix and the mighty Avengers.


  • The issue opens with Piper policing protests at Avengers Mansion over the recent marriage of Vision and the Scarlet Witch. They were married in Giant-Size Avengers #4. Clint Barton is anachronistically shown in the red costume he wore as Goliath between Avengers #66 and Avengers #97.
  • The aftermath of the X-Men's attack on the Hellfire Club and the manifestation of the Phoenix is from X-Men #134135.
  • Piper and his partner discover red-clad ninjas slain by Elektra who then dissolve. Elektra began fighting the Hand in New York in Daredevil #174.
  • The "Cap for President" sticker is a reference to the events of Captain America #250.
  • When Piper visits Father Delgado he sees the priest talking to Cloak and Dagger. Delgado first encountered the vigilante duo in Cloak and Dagger #1.

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