A Super Soldier from the 20s and 40s that was part of a team built by Nick Fury along with Captain America, Peggy Carter, Dum-Dum Dugan and Jimmy Jankovicz to attack Hydra. Also, Bravo hated Captain America, because Peggy prefered Steve than him. After Jimmy used his powers to open a portal to Nowhere (a dimension different from ours), a Hydra agent bashed Jimmy's head in, rendering him comatose, and trapping Bravo along other soldiers in Nowhere.[1]

Return with a Vengeance

After many years trapped in Nowhere he was able to escape when Jimmy waked from coma, and is now woking with Baron Zemo and Hydra to destroy Captain America, blaming him for his trapping and for taking Peggy Carter from him. Now Bravo uses a machine conected to a catatonic Jankovicz to enter Nowhere, where he now trapped Captain America, and proclamed himself the king of this dimension.

Agent 13, Nick Fury and Falcon rescued Captain America with the help of Jimmy's last act of will and Bravo was imprisoned.

Captain America: Powerless

Under Hydra Queen's orders, Baron Zemo, along with Hydra soldiers, freed Bravo from the Raft. He joins them in a plot to unleash mobile, "Omega"-class Madbombs upon America, but is killed when a gunshot from the Hydra Queen ricochets off Captain America's shield and strikes him.[2]


Super Soldier Serum (Codename): Bravo was enhanced by the variant of the Super-Soldier Serum. Although his powers are not comparable with Captain America's. However, his bodily conditions was supposed to be superior to any Olympic-level athlete.[1] He also apparently has control of the reality of Nowhere. He has twice the speed and strength than that of a normal human.[3]

  • Peak Human Strength: Richard's strength was twice as strong as an Olympic-level athlete.[1]
  • Peak Human Speed: Richard's speed was twice as fast as an Olympic-level athlete.[1]
  • Peak Human Durability: Bravo's body was twice as durable as an Olympic-level athlete.[1]
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Bravo's reaction speed was two times faster than a Olympic-level athlete. He was able to catch Captain America's shield at mid-air,[4] and also able to dodge gunfires at mid-range.


  • Master Marksman: Bravo's sharpshooting skills is twice the speed above than that of a normal human. Through his years of training, he's was an highly skilled marksman.[5][6]
  • Skilled Combatant: Bravo is proficient in martial arts. He was able to hold his own against Captain America.[6]

Strength level

Bravo's strength was twice as strong as an Olympic-level athlete.[1]


On multiple occasions, it is revealed that he was shown using many weapons throughout his career.[7]

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