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A small coffee and malt shop, in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan,[1] where students from Empire State University would regularly frequent, making it the academia's unofficial hangout.[2] Peter Parker and his friends used to hang out here during their college days.

Back from a science expo, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy reunited with their friends, as Aunt May came in and told them that she and Anna Watson were going to rent out an extra room in Anna's house.[3]

The next day, Peter came back to the Coffee Bean to see Gwen and Mary Jane Watson, but he had to leave soon to check Aunt May's new boarder.[4]

Some time later, Peter returned with Gwen to the ever-popular Coffee Bean to see their friends, but, as the financial woes got the better of him, causing him to snap at another one of Flash's harmless flirtations towards Gwen, he stormed out of the going away party.[5]


  • The Coffee Bean is distinguished because the furniture squaks and the air smells caffeine.[2]

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