Cole was abducted as a child from his home planet of Earth by aliens who would later abandon him to the pan-galactic foster care system, he then did his best to survive before he wound up working for Omega Core. He would then be approached by Thanos who he led to the Kyln so Thanos could learn more about it and meet with Mistress Death.[1]

Allowing Thanos to pass was a decision that his partner Swad vehemently disagreed with[2] and that Cole would himself come to regret when they learned about trouble in the Kyln, although he did question whether Thanos was to blame or not.[3] Cole then joined up with a squad seeking to keep the prisoners of the Kyln from revolting and to restore order.[4] Swad continued to hold a grudge against Cole for his actions.[5]

Cole witnessed the Kyln's destruction by the Annihilation Wave.[6]

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