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New Job and Life Changes

After the death of his sister Candace Miller, Cole sought a job from a mysterious man to perform janitorial duties, alongside his brother Sean Miller. However, Sean was murdered, the crime covered by a car explosion, which led Cole fearful and distant from his mother.

On one night, he was visited by Luke Cage under the request of Misty Knight. Though the two men conversed between each other, Cole soon asked for Cage to leave his apartment when he attempted to speak about the Hand.[1]

Cole, alongside a small group of young men, were tasked to clear the bodies in a dojo nearby. In hazard mask suits, he used a tank of liquid acids to deteriorate the corpses until the arrival of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing disrupted him. Attempting to escape, he was caught by Rand, who yelled for him to reveal his boss. He witnessed a fight break out between Danny and Cage; he tried to escape once again but was tripped by Rand. The arrival of the police led to his arrest.[2]

He was visited in jail by Luke Cage, in which he was asked further about his job and his employers. Despite Cage's efforts for more information, Cole warned that they were dangerous and, before returning to his cell, he made the final request of giving his mother lottery tickets. Cole was murdered in his cell, staged as a suicide.[3]


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