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A highly regarded detective, Cole North transferred to the NYPD from the Chicago Police Department, leaving behind a woman named Anna in Chicago under unknown circumstances.[1]

Cole was immediately assigned to a case involving a homicide committed by Daredevil.[2] Unlike many NYPD officers, North had no reverence for Daredevil, nor for vigilantes at all. North was able to apprehend Daredevil, after catching him off guard and shooting him,[1] before a very public fistfight, lessening his reputation among his fellow officers. Daredevil ended up being rescued from police custody by Punisher, further adding to North's embarrassment.[3]

He was later assigned to take down Spider-Man, as Mayor Wilson Fisk had directed the police to bring all vigilantes to justice.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Skilled Hand-to-hand Combatant: Cole is a trained boxer who held his own in a fistfight against Daredevil.[5]
  • Skilled Marksman: As a police officer, North is trained in the use of firearms.[1]

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