The Executioner was a notorious gunslinger who had the reputation of putting anyone he faced on Boot Hill. One day while in the desert, he spied the Rawhide Kid singlehandedly facing a band of Apache warriors. Just as the Kid ran out of ammo and looked to be done for, the Executioner came to his aid and helped drive the Apaches off. The two men exchanged pleasantries, using their real names, and neither realized that the other was a famous gunslinger.

Some time later, The Executioner sought the Rawhide Kid to challenge him to a shoot-out, not realizing that it was the same man he had helped some time before. When he finally caught up with Rawhide, the Kid refused to draw against the man who had once saved his life and turned his back to Yorby to ride away. The Executioner threatened to shoot the Kid in the back if he didn't face him, but the Kid knew that he wasn't the type to shoot someone in the back.

Later, Yorby took a job with Amos Clanton, one of the largest ranchers in the area. He had tried to buy the Lazy-B ranch but its owner, Mr. Fraser, had refused to sell. Clanton had then tried to drive Fraser and his men off the ranch with a band of gunmen, but were defeated by the Rawhide Kid who had been working there as a farm hand. Clanton then hired Yorby to deal with the Kid, though the Executioner protested because he knew the Kid would refuse to fight him. Clanton, however, was able to convince Yorby to goad the Kid until he couldn't help but fight.

The Executioner met up with the Kid and his rancher friends in a saloon in town, and challenged him once again. Again the Kid backed down, even when Yorby threw a drink in his face. But the Kid had no choice but to face Yorby when he threatened the lives of his friends. They went out into the street and the Kid shot Yorby down. The Kid then went to the side of the Executioner, and asked him why he had wanted to fight him. The Executioner replied, "You're still young, Rawhide...but wait...wait til the years pass...and the gunfights add up...and night becomes your worst enemy...for that's when you see the ghosts of men you've sent to untimely deaths! ...And then you contract a painful a fatal illness which makes each day a living hell!" Then the Rawhide Kid understood-- the Executioner had wanted to die in a gunfight. Yorby continued: "And you pick the fastest gun around for the job! The Rawhide Kid! So you see, Kid, you've repaid a debt! I saved your life, and in've given me the one thing I wanted end to mine..." The Executioner then passed away.




The Executioner is a notorious gunman, extremely capable with a firearm, and a fast draw.





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