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Colin McKay, a mutant child fleeing soldiers sent by the crime lord Vixen to capture him, discovered the robot Widget who, creating a portal to another dimension, transported him to a world called 'Ee'rath'.[1]

The natives of Ee'rath, regarding Colin's appearance as a good omen, escorted him to the exiled royal household where their Queen, Ai'sha, placed Colin in the care of her counselor, a reptilian mystic named Zz'ria who trained Colin to be a warrior. As Colin aged, his mutant abilities transformed his features into a more leonine appearance, and he chose the symbol of Widget as his totem; having fallen in love with the queen's daughter, Princess Sa'tneen, he proposed marriage, which she accepted.[citation needed]

Necrom, fearing the strength of the queen's people, launched an attack, which soon became a massacre. Ai'sha, Zz'ria, and thousands more perished, while Sa'tneen and hundreds more were captured. Kylun gathered an army and freed Sa'tneen from the forces that planned to sacrifice her.[citation needed]

Finding Excalibur

Decades ago, Necrom had managed to kill Ee' rath's version of Excalibur, made up of the Black Knight, Thor, Yeoman UK (this reality's Captain Britain), and Spider-Man; later, he raised them as mindless zombie shells. During Kylun and Sat'neen's battle against these zombies, Sat'neen took the opportunity to strike at Necrom, breaking his concentration and causing the zombies to fall; however, it was not enough to defeat him, and he slew her; in return, Kylun impaled Necrom with a thrown sword. Kylun shared a telepathic goodbye with his beloved, but noted that Necrom still lived.[citation needed]

Necrom, with the aid of a slave creature, fled into a structure known as the Tower that Crosses Time, which nobody had entered for 20,000 years. Uncaring, Kylun followed.[citation needed]

Necrom emerged into Earth-616. Though his slave creature was soon neutralized by an agent of the Technet named China Doll, Necrom himself again escaped. Kylun followed what seemed to him mere moments later, confronting and battling Nightcrawler, but stopped upon discovering his blades, enchanted to not harm the pure of heart, did not wound Nightcrawler, and discovered that by this world's standards, Necrom had arrived ten days ago.[citation needed]

Part of the Team

Kylun joins forces with Excalibur, making friends with the team's long-term ally, Alistaire Stuart. Kylun's old friend Widget returned, in a new form. Excalibur's headquarters was becoming infected with windows into alternate realities, the same way Kylun himself came to Earth. At the same time, Necrom attacked. Kylun helped in the fight, though Necrom's destruction was actually brought about by Rachel Summers.[citation needed]

Kylun later helped investigate the disappearance of 27 older citizens from a small English village. He was caught up in an Alice of Wonderland-style fantasy-land, created by Joyboy of the Technet and the Red Queen of the Crazy Gang. Kylun personally ended up being mentally influenced into fishing with the Gryphon and Mock Turtle. In the end, Captain Britain talked Kylun out of the influence of this pleasant land, his friends were recovered and the older people were allowed to stay, as they were willing participants.[citation needed]

The fight with Necrom had resulted in Excalibur's old lighthouse headquarters being demolished. The team moved into Brian's old manor house, Braddock Manor. Brian allowed Kylun to bury his beloved Sa'tneen under a group of trees near the manor's west wing. Kylun informed his teammate Cerise that he would be leaving to make contact with his parents, who at this time, had been missing their young son for a full year, although Kylun had aged significantly on Ee'rath.[citation needed]

Kylun was attacked by members of R.C.X., a British agency run by Nigel Orpington-Smythe, AKA Peter. Vixen had told Kylun his parents had been killed, but this was not true. Kylun found himself yanked from his parent's front steps and dragged into the nearby woods. The three superpowered R.C.X. agents Oak, Lodestone and Ocelot, all Warpies, fought him for several minutes. Kylun swung his sword through Ocelot's arm, but since the man was merely misguided, not evil, no harm was done. Both were vastly confused and Oak then took advantage of the distraction by knocking out Kylun from behind.[2]

Peter's desires were to use the Warpies, superpowered British citizens of all ages, to restore the glory of the British empire. Kylun was awakened from suspended animation, along with many allies, old and new, just in time to join in on the brewing mutiny other members of Excalibur had roused in the ranks of the Warpies. Excalibur's side faced certain defeat, even with their newfound allies, because several of the younger Warpies were concentrating on blocking the offensive powers of the team. Kylun gambled that his sound mimicry was not considered threat enough to be blocked, and he successfully let out a roar sufficient enough to scare the children away. This allowed Excalibur to gain the upper hand, if just for the moment. The fleeing children informed other Warpies of what was going on, and several of them decided to help the outnumbered heroes. Kylun and his friends soon managed to shut Orpington-Smythe down.[citation needed]

Kylun attended the first meeting of the Mindfulness of Mutant Appearances, a support group set up by Domino and Nightcrawler for mutants who can't pass as normal humans. At the meeting, Kylun expressed annoyance at strangers fetishizing his cat-like appearance and took issue with villains, such as Toad, being in attendance.[3]

X-Men Disassembled

Kylun was one of the many mutants to oppose the crazed X-Man from remaking the world in his image. When X-Man realized that this vision for the world would never come to past with the X-Men around, he made his enemies vanish in an instant, including Kylun.[4]

Age of X-Man

X-Man had sent the mutant to a different plane of existence he created where he attempted to male a utopia where they and all other mutants would be at peace, altering their memories so they wouldn't resist.[5] Colin McKay worked at Studio X as the personal trainer for its main star, Nightcrawler. He showed up at an after party for one of Kurt's movies, Mutants on Mars, letting him know that he needed to up his workouts to become pure perfection. Later on, Colin showed up at the fan dinner along side Nightcrawler and the others as a part of his entourage.[6] While not shown, it can be presumed that Kylun was returned to the real world when X-Man decided to release the mutants he had trapped in his plane.[7] He was subsequently seen on the mutant-only nation of Krakoa.[8]


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Acoustikinesis: Kylun has the mutant power to exactly duplicate any sound he hears using his vocal chords.

Feline Form: As Kylun matured and his mutant talents developed, his physical appearance gradually took on a feline appearance.


Kylun is a highly skilled swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant and gymnast.



Kylun wields the twin Blades of Zz'ria, swords which are capable of cutting through virtually any substance. Thanks to an enchantment, they cannot harm those of pure heart, rather instead pass through them without causing any damage. The blades are also highly resistant to magic and are capable of deflecting magical attacks, destroying magical creations and wounding otherwise impervious magical beings (such as Necrom). The blades are incredibly strong and sufficiently sharp to cleave rock in half,


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