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Colin Richard was a major in the Canadian Armed Forces. He donned a battlesuit as the special operative Avro-X. He demonstrated his armor at an International Robotics Symposium in Doomstadt, Latveria. He made acquaintance with Iron Man in the process, who had been unwittingly infected by an airborne computer virus by Doctor Doom. Richard's suit was infected by this Doombug, causing it to malfunction just as he and German participant Valentina Tupolev took flight to go demonstrate. They crashed into each other, but Iron Man saved them both from plummeting into the ground. Afterward, Iron Man confronted Doom and the virus was ultimately neutralized.[1]

Avro-X was one of the many people from across the universe who was transported to a remote uncharted planet where the Ultimos had originated by Stilt-Man. Under the pretense that he had also been inexplicably marooned to this planet, Stilt-Man formed a community named Megiddo, and he remotely controlled the Ultimos to have a constant threat so the Megiddans would bond over survival.[4] Joining the colony, Richard became the leader of a militia that acted as a colony patrol.[2] Over a year after Colin arrived at Megiddo, Iron Man was transported to its planet while in pursuit of the villainous android Korvac, and he encountered Avro-X and the colony patrol.[5] Afterward, Iron Man was invited into the community, where he grew closer to Richard.[2]

Although Colin initially followed Stilt-Man's orders and tried to stop Iron Man from looking into the Ultimos, once the Armored Avenger discovered they were being controlled by Stilt-Man, Colin joined him in confronting and defeating the villain. After the truth behind Megiddo was exposed, the Living Tribunal sought Iron Man to continue his pursuit of Korvac. Avro-X asked to join him, and the cosmic entity teleported the duo to Korvac's destination, Taa II.[4] Iron Man and Avro-X made their way through the ship, evading its deadly traps while looking to disable its defense systems. The duo was separated when Taa II alerted of another intrusion and Iron Man went to investigate while Colin accomplished their original task. Avro-X rejoined Iron Man just as he was being confronted by Korvac and his acolytes. Colin pointed his blasters at the Human Torch, who was under Korvac's control, to get him to stop attacking Iron Man, but Blizzard froze his legs. To prevent Colin from shooting his blaster, Korvac fired an energy blast at Colin, disintegrating him.[3]

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