Dolph was employed by Francesca Lexley Grace of the Omni Corporation to spy on Dai Thomas.[3] Dolph silently fallowed Dai Thomas through his journey to uncovered the connection between Omni Corporation and the exploitation of planet Earth resources, culminating in physical confrontation that Dai easily won do to his enhancement by Sir Gawain.[4]

Dolph was next seeing living in the streets and having lost much of his sanity, become a serial killer know as 'Jigsaw Man' and targeting successful business women as form of revenge on what Grace had done to him, after losing his battle to Dai.[1]

During the final battle between the Bane and the Knights of Pendragon, Dolph was decapitated and killed by Union Jack.[5]


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Camouflage: Snewing can blend into shadows.
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Healing

Strength level

Enhanced strength.


Pendragon powers could severely weaken any member of the Bane, but only if actively used (not always an easy thing).


Used various knives, a sniper rifle, and a pistol

  • During his appearances in Knights of Pendragon, he progressively grew more and more insane. It's unclear how many people he killed, but it was well over a dozen, seen or mentioned, in the series.
  • He was responsible for the death of Union Jack (though he was later resurrected) and the severe beating of Black Panther during the series.[6]
  • Dolph's codename likely comes from actor Dolph Lundgren who frequently appears in action movies. Dolph also bears some resemblance to Lundgren before his Bane transformation.

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