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The Collective began as a procedure undertaken by a man named Maurice with the objective to fuse the personalities of himself and other four volunteers: Julie, Ty, Samantha and Peter. Five months and 73 failed experiments later, Maurice sought the help of his cousin Al who worked as a janitor for A.I.M. to gain access to an untested device that could supposedly create a psychic bond between people. The device not only merged their minds, but also their bodies, turning them into a monstrous blob of human parts with the desire to assimilate anybody in its vicinity. The Collective went on a rampage through Queens, and in the process assimilated roughly twenty more people before vigilante Moon Kight confronted it at the New York Hall of Science. After fighting Moon Knight, the Collective managed to rip his mask, exposing enough skin to touch and assimilate him as well.

Maurice welcomed Marc Spector to the Collective's mindscape,[1] and convinced him to put his experience on managing various personalities to use in bringing stability to it. Marc agreed, hoping the Collective could become a reasonable being instead of a predatory rampaging beast if its mindscape was appeased. Using an army of Moon Knights derived from his subconscious, Marc managed to successfully tackle many of the psychological issues of each of the Collective's mergées. However, the Collective's physical form in the real word didn't change, and it continued rampaging through the city and growing in size. Marc's Jake Lockley personality determined the core of the Collective's dysfunction was Maurice himself, whose self-conceit and obsession for control was driving the Collective insane. After the Moon Knights defeated an army of troll warriors that represented Maurice's dysfunctionality, Jake Lockley knocked out Maurice's consciousness, causing the Collective to split apart back into separate people in the real world. Afterwards, Maurice was taken into custody by the police.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Assimilation: The Collective possesses the ability to instantly assimilate into its body anybody it touches, it's only necessary that the contact is made skin-to-skin.[1]

Hive Mind: The Collective's consciousness is formed by a hive mind of every person it absorbed, and possesses all of their memories and knowledge.[1]

Superhuman Strength: The Collective was capable of easily picking up a T-Rex skull and lunged it meters into the air effortlessly, tearing through a helicopter.[1]

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