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The Collective Intelligence is the assumed name of a race of humanoid beings originally from another dimension, possessing advanced science as well as a natural talent for psionic powers.


The origins of the Collective Intelligence's species are unknown. A colony of them were forced to migrate to Earth's dimension in order to escape the damage caused by a universal doomsday device, used by an aggressor race seeking vengeance after losing a war. This occurred when the crew of a large space station detected the weapon's use, and were able to draw upon some of its unleashed power to open a trans-dimensional portal which deposited them on Earth in a remote area of the Andes Mountains. Burrowing into the surrounding mountains and excavating a massive cave system, they built a secret society and made plans to return to their reality once the turmoil caused by the weapon had ceased. To do so, the Collective Intelligence divided into "The Others", who would stay in their hidden commune, and "The Prodigals", sleeper agents who would suppress their identities and knowledge of their true origins as they infiltrated human society.

In time, the Collective Intelligence considered humans to be no different than the enemy race which had forced them to flee their own universe. As a result, they felt no guilt upon determining that an asteroid's collision with Earth was necessary in order to power a new portal back to their home universe. Fortunately, one of their Prodigal agents, who had posed for years as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., felt enough sense of duty even after being reawakened from his cover identity that he commandeered their space ark and crashed it into the approaching asteroid, destroying both.[1]

Presumably, the Collective Intelligence are now extinct.

Powers and Abilities


The Collective Intelligence's populace all possessed innate psychic ability, by which they could telepathically connect into an almost gestalt-like group mind capable of spectacular psionic feats such as pulling asteroids from across space or opening trans-dimensional portals, all while resisting any attempt by human psychics, even in groups, to interfere with their actions.


Level of Technology

The Collective Intelligence were scientifically advanced, capable of building underground cities, huge space stations, and spacecraft large enough to carry their entire populace, as well as energy weapons.

Cultural Traits

Their membership displayed a biased and overinflated opinion of themselves, characterizing themselves as an evolved, enlightened, and peaceful race while quickly dismissing all other beings they encountered as barbarians of no consequence.




  • Theoretically, the events of Strange Tales #168 -- the end of the world caused by an extra-dimensional humanoid being -- could be retconned as a prescient dream foretelling this story.

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