Colonel Blackstone was stationed/retired in Ingolstadt in the 19th century. He worked out the village in the jail alongside a Leftenant but and took refuge in Castle Frankenstein which had been abandoned for two decades by Jason von Frankenstein. At some point he found a Giant Spider which feed off human energy instead of flesh and hid in a pit in the castle. The people consumed could then be used as a mindless servant and the colonel began to build a small army by kidnapping prisoners from his work in the jail.

Frankenstein's monster returned to Ingolstadt searching for the last surviving von Frankenstein. In Castle Frankenstein he observed the Colonels army bring the spider its next meal and the Colonel arrived. The Monster assumed the man to be a von Frankenstein and attempted to kill him, but was subdued and chained up with the Colonel trying to convert him to his army. The Leftenant arrived and attempted to subdue the Colonel after discovering the truth, but as they battled, the Castle began to flood. The rising waters allowed the giant spider to escape its pit so the Colonel attempted to control the spider, which saw him only as prey, and advanced on him. However the monster freed himself, allowing more water in which drowned the Colonel because of the weight of his helmet.[1]

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