Quote1 It's the Vanisher! H-how did you get in here! Quote2
-- Colonel Hendershoot src

Colonel Hendershoot was an officer in the United States Army and an aide to Lt. General Fredricks. He served in the Pentagon and helped Fredricks in reviewing continental defense plans. [1]

The Vanisher entered their office, to announce that he was going to steal the defense plans within a few days. Hendershoot immediately recognized him as the "Vanisher". [1] After listening to an explanation about how the Vanisher's powers work, Hendershoot figured that Vanished was mentally traveling between locations. He tried to apprehend the Vanisher, but failed. The villain teleported away from Hendershoot. [1]

He was present when the X-Men battled the Vanisher[1] and later when Luchino Nefaria held Washington, D.C. ransom and tried to frame the X-Men.[2]


None, human.

  • When supposedly first meeting the Vanisher, Hendershoot immediately recognizes him and calls him by codename. At this point Vanisher had committed only one known crime and was a new super-villain. Had Hendershoot met him before? [1]

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