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Colonel Schutter was a member of the Nazis active during World War II. By the winter of 1943 he was holding rank of colonel and a member of the Gestapo operating in Germany. When his superiors planned an invasion of Switzerland, he suggested eliminating the Destroyer before they carried out the operation and suggested that they spread false news about a planned invasion of Britain to draw the hero out of hiding.

The plan worked, and the Destroyer broke into a Gestapo headquarters in Brest and walked right into Schutter's trap. However, the hero found paperwork about the real invasion planned for Switzerland and managed to escape. Schutter left his men to capture the hero and traveled to the Switzerland boarder to begin the invasion. The Destroyer avoided capture and followed Schutter and his men there.

When Schutter spotted the hero stealing TNT from their supply shack, Schutter ordered his men to stand down and went to deal with the hero personally. Schutter was no match for the Destroyer in hand-to-hand combat and the hero bound him up and stole his tank. Taking Schutter with him, the Destroyer left his guard down allowing Schutter to escape from his bonds and attack the hero as he drove the tank. Focusing on Schutter, the Destroyer could not prevent the tank from speeding toward the supply shack full of TNT. However, the Destroyer soon noticed, knocked out Schutter and bailed out of the tank.

The Destroyer then witnessed as the tank (followed by the rest of Schutter's minions) crashed into the shack, causing a massive explosion that killed Schutter and his men.[1]



Shutter drove a German Tiger tank.

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