Colonel Strauheim was a member of the Nazis during World War II. Despite his dwarfish size, he made it to the rank of Colonel in the Nazis, and by 1944 was stationed at a secret airfield in Brazil. There, he had a full team of scientists that created explosives, chemical weapons, as well as a weapon that apparently used radioactive beams that enlarged microscopic particles in gasoline to cause aircraft engines to fail. He also created a room in which he placed his prisoners where they would be attacked by a compliment of hungry vultures.

Using the radioactive device to force airplanes to land on his airfield, Strauheim then removed any military secrets and important equipment then placed the pilots and crew to die at the hands of his vultures. However, the missing planes soon prompted military intelligence to send the Human Torch and Toro to investigate. Following a trail of cargo dumped by the last plane to go missing, the two flaming heroes found Colonel Strauheim's base. Strauheim ordered his men to use massive sprinklers to douse the two heroes flames, but this failed.

Climbing up a gun tower, Strauheim attempted to put out the Torch's flames with a fire hose but was knocked off the tower by the Torch himself and fell to his death.[1]


Strauheim used a radioactive ray that caused particles in gasoline to expand jamming up engines.


Strauheim had access to fire arms, explosives, poison gasses, and had a number of vultures trained to attack and kill human targets.

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